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Dec 17, 2013 at 10:42 AM

IT2006 User Exit


Hi Experts,

In my scenario client is using only one quota basket for AL and SL balances with validity period as 12/31/9999.

So once ee is rehired back in the system after separation, system will accrue quota after rehire and add to the same basket as was prior to rehire and make values as 230 hrs in Number filed in IT2006

This scenario was working fine for the employees rehired till 2012.

But those ees who got separated prior to 2013 and rehired back in 2013, for them once quota gets generated after rehire, it is replacing the old quota values generated prior to separation as shown below. e.g. ee accrued 10 hrs, instead of adding to 220 hrs, it is replacing the old value with new accruals and leading to incorrect calculations in PT50.

I have chceked the config and everything look intact.

Can anyone please help, if we can correct this issue using Exit. Which user exit can be used for this purpose so that the balances accrued add upto one basket only with validity as 12/31/9999.



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