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Dec 17, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Question about modifying a package



I am using the standard APPEND package to load fx rates into my rates model. The package has two prompts, one for the default logic and one for the work status, which I always answer in the same way. Would I be correct in assuming that I could disable these by making a few changes in the package?

(INFILES,,"Import file:",)

(TRANSFORMATION,%TRANSFORMATION%,"Transformation file:",,,Import.xls)

(RADIOBUTTON,%RUNLOGIC%,"Select whether to run default logic for stored values after importing",1,{"Yes","No"},{"1","0"})

(RADIOBUTTON,%CHECKLCK%,"Select whether to check work status settings when importing data.",1,{"Yes, check for work status settings before importing","No, do not check work status settings"},{"1","0"})

(KEYDATE,%KEYDATE%,"Key date",0)


















If I were to disable (delete?) the two lines with the RADIOBUTTON and change these two lines



to read



would that always run the default logic and check the work status without asking me for it?

On top, is there a way to not ask the user for the transformation file but instead hardcode this


file into the package?