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Dec 17, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Inventory problem / costing problem


Dear all,

please see following scenario:

In March sales order was created for bulk material, standard material price was set at this time to 60EUR per 1000DS. It appears as VPRS condition type in SO.

PO was created for this SO also in March.

GR/IR started to be posted for this PO only as of September.

In October standard price has changed to 50EUR per 1000 DS.

GR 12345678 was posted in next period (13.11.2013) using same standard price as in the period when SO was created.

During GR posting for inbound delivery executed in the period after standard price was changed, accounting document was generated and posted price difference to GL520500000 - PPV - FG/SFG/PFG:

Now for some reason (most likely user was not able to post GI in the outbound delivery) user needed to transfer stock using 411 E in order to be able to deliver and post Goods issue for outbound delivery.

At this point booking is generated for transfer posting for the price difference - it is booked to GL account 52090000 - INV ADJ PLANT TO PLANT.

Our FI department reported that this booking is unnecessary and would like to stop the booking to this account.

Can we somehow achieve that the stock is adjusted to special stock E in a way that the price correction to GL account 52090000 is not executed? Can we for example replace 411 E movement with some other movement type which does not generate the price correction booking? Or can we change the configuration behind 411E so the price correction posting is not done?

Thanks for sharing any ideas in advance.