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Dec 17, 2013 at 09:22 AM

Loading wrong jar files .


Hi all,

we are using a EAR application which is being deployed in NetWeaver server Java 7.3, The application contains certain jar files deployed in webinf/lib folder of web-module ,(EAR contains only one web module). but when we deploy the application and test it , wrong jar files are being loaded showing that certain methods are not present in jar class file, but when we check the libraries in web inf/ilb the methods are present.

From which locations does the other jar files are loaded ? Does SAP java engine 7.3 has jar files already in some other place that are being referenced by application?

Is there any property to be maintained in web.XML to use only lib files in WebInf/lib of given module for that particular application.

Can we add any code in application, to log from where the wrong jar files are loaded?

Please help me on this as this is a high priority issue.