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Dec 17, 2013 at 07:36 AM

upgrade of solution manager 4.0 to 7.1


Dear All,

Kindly clarify below Queries:

The Current Solution manager is not a Production System.

Current Solution Manager Details and Version:

SAP Solution Manager 4.0,

Software Components Used:

SAP_BASIS - 700 Release --0010 Level ---------------SAPKB70010 ( Highest Support Package Currently Used).

SAP_ABA -- 700 Release --- 0010 Level ----------------SAPKA70010 (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

PI_BASIS -- 2005_1_700 Release --- 0010 Level-----SAPKIPYJ7A (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

ST-PI -- 2005_1_70 Release --- 0003 Level-------------SAPKITLQI3 (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

SAP_BW -- 700 Release --- 0010 Level------------------SAPKW70010 (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

SAP_AP -- 700 Release --- 0007 Level-------------------SAPKNA7007 (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

BBPCRM -- 500 Release --- 0007 Level------------------SAPKU50007 (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

CPRXRPM -- 400 Release --- 0003 Level----------------SAPK-40003INCPRXRPM (Highest Support Package Currently Used)

ST-----------400 Release---------------------0009 Level-----------SAPKITL419---SAP Solution Manager Tool

ST-A/PI----01I_CRM500 Release--------0000 Level------------Application Servicetools for CRM 500

ST-ICO----150_700 Release-----------------0002 Level----------SAPK-15072INSTPL--SAP Solution Manager Implementation Cont

ST-SER---700_2005_2 Release------------0002 Level ----------SAPKITLOC2--SAP Solution Manager Service Tools.

1)can we direcectly upgrade Solution manager 4.0 To Solution manager 7.1 directly.

2)Do we need to take the backup of Solution manager 4.0 before we start upgrade of solution manager 7.1 .

3) How to take the backup of solution manager 4.0

4)If we are upgrading the Solution manager 7.1, what will be SAINT and SPAM version.

5) Is downtime required to upgrade the Solution manager.

6)How much approximate space is required to upgrade the solution manager 4.0 to solution manager 7.1 directly. Where to check the space for upgrade.

7)Please provide a document on how to do the solution manager upgrade from 4.0 to Solution manger 7.1

8)Please update the Prerequistes for the upgrade of the Solution Manager 7.1 .

9)Please provide Service Market Place path for downloading the Solution manager 7.1

10)For Upgrading the Solution manager from 4.0 To 7.1, new License and Temporary license is required or not??

Since i am new in doing this activity, Please help.

Thanks and Regards,