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Dec 17, 2013 at 06:16 AM

Oracle Dataguard setup on SAP AS Java stack


Dear All,

I have recently setup DR on my ABAP stack and the archive logs are getting transferred to the standby DR server. I have another instance of AS Java running on the same database with a different schema (SAPSR3DB). I restored the backup of my primary database on the standby server and activated dataguard, AS ABAP instance is starting up fine but the J2EE instace fails to startup with instance ID error, the instance ID on the file is different from the instanceid of dispatcher on the configtool cluster data. The instace id is stored in the database and hence it came to standby due to restore.Both primary and DR server have different hostname. What should I do to resolve the instanceid mismatch error?

1. One option is to export Java from primary instance, switch it to standby mode, make the standby as primary and import the Java instace that was exported earlier. But in that case the archive logs will flow in opposite direction from new primary to new standby(original primary), will it affect my original primary instance when I later switch it back to normal operation?

2. Option 2, break the DR, startup standby in open mode, import the Java from the exported file and resync DR, in order to resync DR I again have to restore the DB from original primary to standby, in tht case again we have the same situation as the instance ID is stored in database and will be copied to standby when I restore.

Please provide your valuable inputs.