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Dec 17, 2013 at 05:29 AM

Combining Measures when there is a string variable involved !!!


Hie Guys,

I have the following scenario in my report -

Universe 1:

Sales Revenue (Measure)

Universe 2 :

Sales Revenue (Measure)

Sales Revenue (String Variable)

Sales Revenue (String Variable) formula contains 3 conditions -

Condition 1 - Outputs Sales Revenue (Measure)

Condition 2 - Outputs the string "TBD"

Condition 3 - Outputs the string "NFB"

All the common dimensions in both universes have been merged successfully. I need to combine "Sales Revenue" from Universe 1 with

Sales Revenue (String Variable) from Universe 2.

Questions -

1) Do I need to change "Sales Revenue (Measure)" from Universe 1" to "String" dimension at the Universe level? After doing so, what formula do I need to use to combine the above mentioned objects.

2) Can I make changes at the report level instead of "Universe level". If so, how? Also, what formula do I need to use to combine the objects mentioned above.