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Dec 17, 2013 at 05:39 AM

Sales Order Replications- ECC- CRM


Hello All,

We need to replicate Sales Orders from SAP ECC to SAP CRM, I have gone through some posts in the forum however not got an exact resolution for the same.

Following are the configurations done.

1) We have set up the data exchange between 2 system's - Maintained RFC Connections

2) Number Range maintained in SAP ECC and SAP CRM are the same, since ECC is the leading system number range marked there is internal and in SAP CRM the number range marked is external

3) Item Categories are defined in both systems.

4) Item Category Determination is also done.

5) Pricing is replicated in SAP CRM which is configured in SAP ECC, pricing procedure is also done correctly in the SAP CRM system

I have maintained the filter in R3AC1 tcode as per the post above it says that the document type needs to be maintained, I have maintained the same.

Next I run the initial load in tcode r3as

When checked in r3am1, the status is showing in green.

I checked the bdoc BUS_TRANS_MSG in smw01 the same is in green

However in which transaction code can I see my sales orders in SAP CRM? which got replicated from SAP ECC, the system does not throw any error, please advice.

Kind Regards



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