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Dec 16, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Changes needed to control overwrite logic with EHP upgrade?


We are currently implementing EHP7 on our ERP6 system, upgrading from EHP5. I have a flavour for transaction IW33 in EHP5 that works perfectly, but the same flavour does not work in EHP7. I'm getting symptoms similar to those I got when the control overwrite logic was missing for IW33, and it does appear that the ABAP dynpro screen structure has changed in EHP7 (or EHP6, I guess) - some of the subscreen numbers are different.

As I understand the control overwrite logic, though, it seem like it should still work. Either that's not the problem, or I'm not understanding the control overwrite logic. I suspect the latter... 😊

The most obvious symptom I see is that enabling tab caching on the main tab set in IW33 does not work. Does anyone out there have an ERP6 EHP7 system and can try that and let me know if it works? I'm also hoping that @Sushant Priyadarshi might have some helpful suggestions!