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Dec 16, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Number limitation of mxref_mx_privileges


Hi experts,

we are running idm 7.2 sp8 on oracle.

Do any of you ever reached a limit on the number of mxref_mx_privileges to assign to a user? If so, of how many was it?

We calculated that using nvarchar2 with 4000 bytes we would manage to have between 550 et 600 privileges per user, is it a good calculation?

To explain a little further, my actual project will connect something like 80 systems and we'll give SAP roles through reference users.

Those reference users are linked to almost every system and have around 100 or more privileges by system (so we'll have reference users with around 800 or more privileges) so if there is a limit i need to know it in advance so as to offer a workaround for it.

Thanks a lot,