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Dec 16, 2013 at 02:31 PM

PB15 Beta - MDIDock Window


My MDI frame window has a posted event, ue_PostOpen, in the Open Event of the window. In the ue_PostOpen event I trigger an event ue_Login which opens a "Response" type window for the user to log into a database. This works OK with the window type defined as MDI! and MDIHelp!. If the property is changed to MDIDock! or MDIDockHelp! then the "Response" window is not application modal in that processing continues and the window is still open.

The MessageBox() works OK, which is also an application modal type window.

I have tried setting a number of the Docking properties for the "Response" window but they have no effect.

It does this in both the 32bit and 64bit deployments and also running from the IDE.

Suspect this is a BUG.