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Former Member
Dec 16, 2013 at 01:49 PM

2LIS_02_SCL perfomance improvement



In our current system, we see 2LIS_02_SCL extractor is taking long time to extract records in daily delta and we intent to optimize the run time of the extractor. At present for processing ~ 6500 records it is taking good amount of 42 mints. Ofcourse in CMOD we have many custom logic added which is possibly the reason for slowness.

We have planned to replace certain codes and try to optimize the logic :

1) All select single within loop will be replaced by internal table and read table logic- any idea how much this will optimize the run time ?

2) Can field symbol be useful here. If we use it will that create any data load problems and what is the run time optimization we can get?

Any other suggestion are welcome.