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Dec 16, 2013 at 01:27 PM

Regarding the Production Orders from ECC to SAP ME through SAP MII


Hi Guys,

Actually I have a requirement like i need to send the Production order details from SAP ECC to SAP MII system and then to SAP ME...Actually, I am planning to do something ..Please let me know if i am wrong on any particular scenario.....

I have set up all the configurations in SAP ECC part...Defined all the logical systems and have set up the IDOC Listeners to talk and receive the IDOCS which will be Pushed from ECC to MII using LOIPRO IDOC...While pushing the IDOC to MII System i have configured the Processing rule editor to call the Transaction in MII 12.1 automatically when it triggers the IDOC to MII system....

I have made the transaction flow like

1. I will use the XML saver action block to save the xml format of IDOC which is generated from ECC and will be using the XML loader to load and hwere th esaver path will be assigned to loader links.....Then i m gonna use the repeater to fetch through the production order details by configuring it like "XML_Loader_0.XmlContent{/LOIPRO01/IDOC/E1AFKOL}" and then i will take the count of Productin orders by passing the parameters as its order number....Atlast i will be inserting and updating the details to Database.....And similarly these operations will be repeated for its operations and components....But instead of inserting into Database i think i should use the http post action block to move the data to SAP ME....Please let me know if i am wrong....All your suggestions are welcome

I would appreciate all your efforts in advance...