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Former Member
Dec 16, 2013 at 11:46 AM

insufficent resources error +dbacockpit error


Hi All,

I am facing error beow eeror in dbacockpit ase error log:"insufficient resources

Message Can't allocate space for object 'DBH_MSG_LOG' in database 'saptools' because 'default' segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment.

I have taken transbackup as well still I ma facing the error .

saptools :

4300.0 MB
sapsa 5
Jun 17, 2013
trunc log on chkpt, ddl in tran, allow nulls by default, abort tran on

log full, allow wide dol rows,full logging for all

(1 row affected)
device_fragments size usage
created free kbytes
------------------------------ ------------- --------------------
------------------------- ----------------
saptools_data_001 2048.0 MB data only
Jun 17 2013 1:06PM 80832
saptools_log_001 204.0 MB log only
Jun 17 2013 1:06PM not applicable
saptools_log_002 1024.0 MB data only
Dec 16 2013 12:51PM 1040400
saptools 1024.0 MB data only
Dec 16 2013 3:13PM 1044480

I am having the space in saptools as well.

Please suggest