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Dec 16, 2013 at 10:43 AM

MRP run with stock transport orders: dates calculation


Hi Gurus,

My situation is as follows:

Plant A: only trading goods.

Materials are supplied from another plant B (same company code) through stock transport orders. Then plant B is the supplying plant of plant A, and I made the stock transport configuration to allow this.

Plant A:

MRP run on 16/12: stock quantity is below the safety stock -> new requirement : Automatic PR creation with plant B as supplying plant.

MD04: receipt date is D date + delivery date

In my example: 16/12 + 1 = 17/12

Plant B:

A PRqRel is visible in MD04 accordingly to the PR.

No stock available in plant B to cover this PR.

MRP run on plant B on 16/12: an automatic PR is created (which will be converted to a standard PO).

MD04: receipt date is D date + delivery date

In my example: 16/12 + 3 = 19/12

My question:

I would assume to receive a new date for this material in plant A because my material will only be available on 20/12 (19/12+1).

I run MRP on plant A again, and nothing change: still have the receipt date : 17/12.

I would have expected to get 20/12 as rescheduling date or any information to inform plant A of this new date.

Is it possible? Did I miss something in my settings to support this?

Thanks a lot in advance.