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Oct 19, 2005 at 06:29 AM

sales org determination from product catalog


Let's assume we have 2 sales areas required in CRM: sales org/distribution channel = 1000/10 and 1000/30, they need to share the same product catalog but have some personlized views for different customers.

Therefore, for the product catalog, I intend to maintain 2 variants distinguished by different distribution channel, and maintain some views specific to different customers.

In web shop, I flag the "catalog search (b2b internet sales)" option, but I wonder how is the catalog determined?if the catalog can be determined by choose one from list, how is the catalog variant determined by the logon internt user, i.e. how to determine the sales area by known BP(from internet user), as 2 sales area may be both assigned to the same BP?

If I unflag the "catalog search (b2b internet sales)" option, only 1 catalog variant can be set, does it mean I

have to create different web shops to assign different catalog variant for my scenario?