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Dec 16, 2013 at 06:59 AM

Exception in B2B add-on receiver AS2 adapter


Hi All,

I am working on a PoC for SAP B2B add-on AS2 adapter. I have used plain XML with file to AS2 iFlow. To complete the loop, I have created another iFlow (AS2 to file). Its a straight forward configuration, with no MDN or encryption (plain HTTP). However while tesing the interface, I am getting this error in AS2 receiver adapter:

"Transmitting the message to endpoint <local> using connection File_ failed, due to: javax.resource.ResourceException: Invalid channel configuration: Value with name receipient.convertCharset not available"

I have tried providing Charset encoding (UTF-8) as well as without using it. I am getting the same error in both cases. For Content-Type field, I have tried with "text/xml" and "application/xml".

Has anyone received this error? Any pointers to resolve this?