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Dec 16, 2013 at 03:10 AM

DSO Activation issue


Hi ,

We have a scenario with FI_GL_12 datasource.

there was an existing flow

ECC------> PSA(0FI_GL_12)------> Cube its a delta load

now we have a new requirement and now we have to load the data to DSO from PSA(0FI_GL_12)

PSA(0FI_GL_12) ----->DSO

so initially I have loaded full load from PSA to DSO to load the history data. and I have setup the delta load and now the deltas are coming from PSA to both Cube and DSO.

when I try to activate the delta loads in DSO, I am getting the message


has not or not correctly been updated; Please edit

when I check that request 902,546 in PSA, its the starting delta request which got loaded first into the cube.

please let me know how can i resolve this and activate the requests in DSO.