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Dec 15, 2013 at 10:09 PM

PPM asset settlement PS integration


Hello Experts,

We are implementing a solution with PPM 5.0 integrated with PS to manage CAPEX projects.

We have made all configurations so that we can transfer all actual costs that go to the asset under construction and cost center through cost element config and flags on the ERP side for settlement behavior maintenance (Fixed Asset - Flag ON).

Se this is what it happens:

1. Actual costs are moving fine without the settlement after running program /RPM/FICO_INT_PLANNING.

2. Once we do the settlement for the asset under construction the system properly moves the financial information from the cost accounts to the asset accounts with the expected credit/debit behavior transfer. So we still see the correct total amount of actual cost in PPM financial planning.

3. But when we make the settlement to the final fix asset to close the project, actual costs are cancelled out before integration occurs . So actual cost for the CAPEX part for the project would not be visible in PPM financial planning.

So the question is:

Is this the expected behavior for PPM for CAPEX projects or am I missing any configuration that manages that will leave the actual costs for final fixed assets settlement?

I have attached the important pics that might help understand better the situation.

Cost element range: 52XXXXXX (Cost)

Cost element range: 15XXXXXX (Asset)

Thanks in advance.