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Dec 15, 2013 at 04:31 PM

BO 4.0 SP8 APS Config Question (Clustered Environment)


All, I have a clustered environment that is running two active CMS's and two Tomcat servers. I just upgraded from SP4 (which seemed to go fine), and configured the APS's according to sizing recommendations and assigned them to Node 1. Everything worked correctly, but when I attempted to set up the APS's on Node 2 (excluding LCM and Auditing) it keeps throwing an error at me (the argument has an invalid value 3194). It happens whether I try to clone the existing APS or set up a new one, and I am unable to even select/assign the node from the drop down. May be completed unrelated, but even starting/stopping servers on Node 2 through the CMC is problematic....

In an active/active clustered CMS environment, should I be able to replicate APS's across the two environments? I've been trying to read through every piece of documentation that I can find (APS Best Practices and Platform Admin Guide among them) but haven't made any progress. Sure there is something I am missing, so if there is more info that I can provide please let me know...

Thanks in advance,