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Dec 15, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Issue with Baseline date in MIRO


I am facing a situation with MIRO. I am trying to create an incoming invoice w.r.t. a purchase order.

In the vendor master, the payment term is ZZ14 ( A/C type: vendor | Default baseline date : document date | payment terms 30 days) in purchasing view

Now, Invoice date : 20.11.2013; Posting date: 15.12.2013 But baseline date is showing as 20.09.2013.

I checked the PO, PR and other releavnt documents, but cannot find the date 20.09.2013 anywhere.

Also payment term which is coming in the IR is 60 days net, not sure where form this is coming.

Great if anyone can guide me on from where this payment term and baseline date is getting picked up.