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Dec 14, 2013 at 07:12 PM

I need help in my app!



I need to create an app and I'm having some issues with it, so if could someone help me please!

First, we are given two BAPIs to use for the app BAPI_Customer_GetDetail and BAPI_SalesOrder_GetList. I'm done with this step I have created two MBOs and one personalization key.

Also, we are given four static values that they should drop down from the list in the first screen and when I choose one from the list, it should automatically take me to customer details screen and this is what I'm having issue with currently!

I'm done with the start screen. I used the choice control to put my four values as a list and created a key in the input data binding and named it Select_a_Customer. To link my start screen with next screen I put three codes in my Custom.js one of them is

var deptSelect = document.forms["DepartmentsForm"].Select_a_Customer;

deptSelect.onchange = deptSelectChanged;

When I try to open the app in my mobile, it get me an Alert message saying "Error: Cannot read property 'Select_a_Customer' of undefined" and there is an ok button. When I click of that it take me to the first screen of my app, but I'm still when I choose a value from the list, won't take me to the customer detail screen!

So, could someone help!