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Dec 14, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Issue in Quality level change for In process inspection in DMR


Dear all,

For a Material with DMR with Inspection severities (Normal , Tightened , Reduced) whose Inspection lot is Accepted during Goods Receipt Inspection. The Present Inspection stage is in "SKIP" status.

Now if the same lot is getting rejected at the Production assembly inspection , we raise the QM notification for the vendor.

My Issue is whenever there is an Assembly / Production rejection happens, the Quality level of the DMR has to be changed to its Previous inspection stage - "Tightened Inspection" . Is it possible in standard SAP????

Presently the QM inspector is changing the Quality level of the material manually in QDL2 for inspection stage change.

Is it possible for any automatic changes in DMR inspection stage change, when the GR inspection lot is cleared and the same lot is rejected during Assembly inspection

Above mentioned - "Assembly / Production Inspection" is just a visual / sudden inspection done by the assembly operators