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Dec 14, 2013 at 11:28 AM

MARC RP parameters getting copied during a new site listing


Dear Retail experts,

MARC( - RDPRF rounding profile) parameter is getting copied with a value albeit none is present for that article and Ref Site validity in Log store/DC View of Art Master. This happens when a new site created is added to an assortment in which articles exist. After the listing job completes creating segments , I check the article in MM43 Log store tab with new site as validity and I see the rounding profile populated. Now when I just enter in MM42 Log Store new site validity I do not see it and when I just save and check change documents , I can see that old value had the rnd prof and new value is blank.

To explain more , the supply source is 2 for log store .Also Log Dc do not have the rounding profile populated for Ref DC or for other listed DCs. Rounding profile is only maintained in purchasing view.

These articles are differently maintained in Log View for diff stores , MABW shows differences.

I have checked Field group settings , copy and propose are ticked for MARC-RDPRF, EINE - RDPRF .

Where is the rounding prof copied from in this case?

It causes a lot of discrepancy because we refer the field for other interface functionally when creating POs.

There are 1000's of articles in the client and highly difficulty to remove the Rdprf using mass Txns everytime a new site is created and listed.

Kindly advice in detail and query if required , I will immediately post answers.Please consider this question urgent.

Thanks in advance to all of you.