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Dec 14, 2013 at 01:14 AM

MDG-M New Data Model Attributes


Where can I find a list of all attributes for all entities in the new MDG-M (MM) data model?

I have found many documents listing the new entities, such as MARDMRP and MARDSTOR but I would like a list of attributes.

I am about to extend the MDG data model to add the material master Label Type (MARA-ETIAR) and Label Form (MARA-ETIFO) fields but if these are in the new 7.0 model, I may wait until we upgrade because we need several of the new storage location fields as well.

In ECC, Label Type and Label Form fields are on the "Plant data / stor. 1" view of the material master. However, they are actually enterprise-level fields stored in MARA. So I am trying to determine the best place to add these to the MDG data model. At the moment, I am thinking I need to add to the MATERIAL entity since they are enterprise fields, using the guide, SAP How-To Guide: Extend MDG-M Data Model by a New Field (Reuse Option).

Rob Scofield