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Error in Manual Code List Mappings

Hi All,

I need t0 integrate SAP Hybris C4C via HCI to SAP ERP. To do the same i am configuring code list mapping manually post creation of Code List groups.

For your reference i have followed below steps:-

1) Created Code List Groups.

2) Under Code List Mapping definition:-

a) Selected the Mapping Group (The same which was created by me).

b) Local Data Type Name 1) AcademicTitleCode 2) BusinessPartnerFunctionalAreaCode

c) External Data - I cant find anything in the search so i entered 1) ACADEMICTITLES 2) DEPARTMENTS

3) Selected Mapping rule as Map Individual Codes.

4) Maintained Codes in Codelist Mapping for External Code.

Below are the errors i am getting:-

Errors - External Data Type ACADEMICTITLES cannot be used for Local Data Type AcademicTitleCode

External Data Type DEPARTMENTS cannot be used for Local Data Type AcademicTitleCode.

I am i following the right process and inputs? Request you all to give a solution on this.


Pankaj Tomer

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4 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 17, 2017 at 11:45 AM


    Let me suggest few tips:

    After you select the standard mapping group:

    If the codes in both ECC/CRM and C4C system are exactly same, then you should select the rule - 'Local and Remote codes are same/equal'

    If there are different codes in ECC/CRM as compared to C4C OR if there are codes in ECC/CRM which are missing in CLM for that object in C4C, then you should select the rule 'Map Individual Codes'.

    If your inetegration is unidirectional from ECC/CRM to C4C only - You should focus on ensuring that ALL codes in ECC/CRM should be correctly mapped to relevant objects and their codes in CLM in C4C- If there are codes that are missing, you should first maintain them in Fine-tune in C4C for that object and then add those codes and Map them in CLM using the rule 'Map Individual Codes'.

    You can ignore the warnings as long as you are sure you have maintained all ECC/CRM codes in C4C under the CLM for that object.

    Hope this helps.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Ankur,

      Hope you are doing good. Post doing successful CLM now i am suppose to do ID mapping for ERP sales Orgs,Offices, Groups, ERP Materials etc.

      Now when i am entering the details and select the system instance ID as my created communication system and click on go i am confused what to select?

      Can you please guide me for the same. Attaching the screenshot for the reference.



      Pankaj Tomer

  • Posted on Jan 16, 2017 at 11:50 PM

    Hi Pankaj,

    You do not need to maintain External Data Type at all. Check standard delivered Mapping Group 03 "SAP On Premise integration".

    But if you prefer to maintain (I personally never did this and do not know the impact of this field), I'd suggest to use value help to select appropriate values. For example, Academic Title should correspond to ABTNR. But still I can not see any type related to Departments.

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    • Hi Pankaj,

      Good to hear you were able to do CLM with my inputs!

      For ID mapping:

      1. Under 'Mapping of' select the object like Sales Org. to start with for which you want to do the Id mapping of.

      2. System Instance ID should be the ID of your connected ECC/CRM system

      3. After clicking 'Go' - you should get all that has been maintained in your C4C system with place holders to maintain External Id where you will insert the ECC ID of corresponding object you selected in 'Mapping of' field.

      Example: If you selected 'Sales Organization' under mapping of for your ECC system, you will get the:

      1. Sales Organization ID and description which you created/maintained in C4C under the WC 'Organization Structure'.

      2. Against each Sales Org. Id field, add the corresponding SAP ECC/CRM Sales Org. unit ID under the field 'External ID'

      3. Do this for all Sales Org. IDs you see and map them to corresponding SAP ECC/CRM Sales Org. ID. Once completed, you can save your changes.

      4. Follow the above steps for other objects like Sales Groups and Sales Offices if you maintain those in SAP ECC/CRm and map them to C4C.

      5. For Materials/Products - Provided intergation exists between ECC/CRM and C4C, you should map only the Product categories, for which you have to first do a manual upload using DM template for Product Categories and then you should do ID mapping for that by following sames steps you will do as mentioned above for Sales Org./Group/Office.

      Hope this helps!

      BR Ankur

  • Posted on Jan 17, 2017 at 06:32 AM

    Hi Pankaj,

    I am assuming that you a re integrating only one ECC system to C4C and not multiple - In this case, I do not see really any need of using CLM Groups. My suggestion would be to use SAP standard deliver CLM group for integratio - Also suggested by Andrei above.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Ankur,

      I followed the way you suggested by selecting the standard Mapping Group 03 SAP on Premise integration. I tried to to code list mapping for two data types 1) Academic Title 2) Business Partner Functional Area code. Mapping rule selected was Map Individual Codes.

      Below are my Findings:-

      1) Academic Title- As codes in both the systems are same so just selected mapping rule as Map Individual Codes and saves the data got below warnings:-

      "Mapping for local data type communicationmediumtypecode incomplete.Not all codes are mapped."

      "Mapping for local data type customertransactiondocumentorigintypecode incomplete.Not all codes are mapped." "Mapping for local data type nielsenregioncode incomplete.Not all codes are mapped." Etc... Does these warnings will create any issues in future as saving the same for the second time was successful. 2) Business Partner Functional Area Code - In this again selected the mapping rule as Map Individual Code and tried code list mapping. Firstly there are two functions not available in C4C which are in ERP 0001 managing Director and 0004 Organisation and when i am adding row i am able to define codes but not the description. For the rest i am able to map and how am i doing this for Ex: for purchasing department 0001 is local code and external code in C4C and 0002 in ERP. Now what i am doing is setting code as 0002 in C4C for both local & external as defined in ERP. Is that approach correct? If yes then after doing the same for all the elements when i click missing mapping codes i am getting one or the other in the list dont know why and after that all goes as it was before manual mapping of code list. If the above is not the right approach can you please guide me through. In addition what is the relevance or how Proposals from MWB can help me. I hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance. Regards, Pankaj Tomer

  • Posted on Jan 18, 2017 at 01:59 PM

    Hi Pankaj,

    you should not fill the External Data Type, this is only needed for some legacy scenarios.

    Then you shouldn't get these errors.

    Best regards,


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