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Dec 14, 2013 at 02:59 AM

Parallel Approvals in IDM


Hi Experts,

Is it possible or anyone has done parallel approval task configuration in your landscape?

When I raise a request, IDM calculates approver list and sends the request sequentially to the approvers to approve.

If i have 2 roles (Role 1 and Role 2) to requested for an Position Business Role, it goes to role owner of Role 1. once approved by that role owner, it goes to role owner of Role 1.

Each role owner has 5 working days to approve else times out. If i raise a request with 10 roles, the worst case (if the role owner approves at the 5th day of this stipulated 5 days), then the request takes 50 days to get it approved. The worst'est situation is, if the last role owner rejects or times out the request, the whole request is declined. This is causing lot of trouble for us.

Has anyone configured IDM such that it sends the request to each respective role owners in parallel?