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Dec 13, 2013 at 07:21 PM

UDFs during Data Transfer Workbench


Hi All,

I am currently trying to use Data Transfer Workbench to import some Good Receipt POs into the system. The three templates that i use are Document, Document_Line and SerialNumber.

For each line item in a GR, i will need to assign a unique serial number to it. Also, i will need to define a Length and Width to this serial number.

Therefore i have two UDFs set up in the serial number assignment window in the system -- Length and Width. And i also have another two UDFs in the GR line item field.

However, during DTW -- mapping process, the UDFs i set up in the GR document shows up under the selection when i mapping the document_line template. But the UDFs in my serial number assignment window did not show up in the serialNumber template.

Please advise how to make the UDFs available in the SerialNumber template in DTW mapping stage