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Print Always a number of Even Pages

Hi All,

i have done a Forms with just one Master Page and a Body Page.

According the amount of data it can show even or odd pages.

If the last page is odd, I want print one page more in order to have always even pages... i tried to work with Pagination and Placement

but also i put at the end of the body page a subform placed in a next page and put a javascript in it

if( % 2 !== 0){  this.presence = "hidden"; }

but seems it is not able to retrieve the number of page

Do you have some suggestions?

Thanks a lot


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2 Answers

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    Dec 17, 2013 at 05:33 AM

    Hello Massimo,

    I have a question to you.

    1.Are you following Duplex printing?

    2.In case you are following Duplex printing , then you can check the option provided in Pagination tab of master page.Select  Front even pages and Odd back pages.Thus when content ends on Odd page,yu still have an even page at the back of that odd page.

    3.Incase you are having only Non-Duplex printing then create a master page,which triggers only when you have a ODD count of pages.

    To achieve this functionality follow the below process:

    1.Append a import parameter which is optional to the interface.Eg page_count type char1 optional.

    2.To get this count you need to call the dynamic FM twice.

    First time when you call the dynmic FM "LV_Fname(for example)" collect the FPFORMOUTPUT-PAGES gives you total number of pages.During first call of the dynamic FM the import parameter "page_count" is commenter.

    3.Now check if the page_count(total no.of pages) is even/odd. If its odd pass the flag as "X"

    3.During the second call of dynamic FM , pass the page count obtained above to the import parameter of the interface.

    4.Now at design level of the form,create a NEW master page and on the layout ready of this master page write form calc as when the import parameter is active "X" , then show this master page.

    Else hide this master page.

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  • Dec 13, 2013 at 09:18 PM

    Hi Massimo,

    In case of odd number of pages, you need to print an empty page in end?

    Could you please let us know the purpose of printing even number of pages?



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    • Rakesh MV Giuseppe Massimo Sforza

      Hi Massimo,

      Is there any field, like totals which you are displaying at  end of the page? I am asking to get the page number, where we are getting the final page. 

      Once you get that final page and it is odd number.

      1. create a empty page and place another subform on it.   (make subform as 'Hidden')

      2. Trigger this subform (make it visible) when final page number is odd