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Former Member
Dec 13, 2013 at 05:22 PM

Subcontracting Scenario- supplying components to the vendor PPMs&TLanes


Hello Gurus,

we have a requirement to setup subcontracting scenario using PPM. (not linked to ECC system)

Can you please explain how the Transportation lanes & PPM should be setup.

here is what i am doing :

1. setup vendor location and create PPM in vendor location(resources from subcontracting plant are referred)

2. Tlanes (with subcontracting flag checked )are created for components from subcontracting plant-> vendor.

when i run multilevel heuristics dependent demand for the components are not getting created in vendor location & i created some requirements in RRP3 to check if the Tlane is working. but it is not.

Please help me with the master data setup.

Thanks in advance