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Dec 13, 2013 at 03:54 PM

Transports during EHP update


Hi Forum Members

Please could you help with the following question:

We are updating our ERP 6 system from EHP5 SPS08 to EHP6 SPS09. We are using the Software Update Manager (SUM) to perform this update.

Could you please clarify what stage during the implementation is the last point at which transports can be imported to a system that is being
updated with SUM?

For example we have a transport that has been released from Development and is sat in the import queue for Test. Development has been
updated to EHP6 since the transport was released so is at a higher level than Test – we have no temporary / emergency Development system.

We want to leave the import of this transport into the Test system at the very latest we can during the running of SUM. When is this?

I know there is a stage when the workbench is locked, but that doesn’t matter for Test as we don’t develop there. So can we still import the outstanding transport that is in the queue for Test when the workbench is locked? If so, when is the latest point at which we can import this?

Thanks in advance for you help with this.