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Dec 13, 2013 at 09:16 AM

Tracking Ship to party at va02


Hello guys

interestingly ship to party at the header level is not tracked by SAP- cdhdr or cdpos tables

Any changes at the item level is tracked on the other hand

My customers needed to track the changes done for the shipto party at va02

So i went thru the docs and sites

And applied what i saw

I created a ztable and then a change doc object at scdo- z_ship_to_party

and that created a fm for me to write

in that FM i have the objectid and old value and the new value

Last step i applied the change at user exit in va02

One question is why do i need to insert or modify records in to the z table in the docs they all say the same

I can do without inserting the record in z table

As my old value is in vbpa table and the new one comes from xvbpa in the user exit

Please any comments

Please no beginner comments i am no beginner