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Dec 13, 2013 at 08:07 AM

How to expand textarea in table based on content in SAPUI5?



In my application I have table which is having text area as columns.

When I bind the table to the oData model I am getting data from back end and placing this in text area.

I am getting data in text area with scroll bar.But the problem is when I want to print that form I am not getting total data which is in text area.Simply I am getting data with Scrollbar.

To resolve this , I am using Textview instead of Textarea.Then total data which is coming from backend is visible to the user but when I print that application I am not getting any borders around that data.

Can we get the borders when we are using Textview in this?


Can we expand textarea based on the content which is coming from back end?




textarea_print.jpg (13.1 kB)
Textview_print.jpg (28.6 kB)