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Dec 13, 2013 at 07:22 AM

day assignment


Hi ,

I have a problem in daily work schedules and day assignemnt of time events.

our company have two types of working time (ofcourse other than some other DWS that are working properly) that made an issue.

the story is as below:

employees Group1: DWS1 starts at 18:45 and ends at 3:45 on the next day, but the employees who work in this DWS may clock in earlier and clock out even more than 3 hours after end time (ex. 7:00 am) and some days (sometimes happens) they continue to work even more.

employees Group2: they come to work on a normal daily work schedule which starts at 07:15 and ends at 16:15 (DWS2). but they usually continue to work to next day (till 24:00) as overtime and at 00:00 and 00:01 they punch card for a clock out for the previous day and clock

in for current day and they work on currents day's work schedule which starts at 00:15 and end at 07:45 (DWS3) (and ofcourse after it they will have 24 hours OFF).

the problem is on time event assignment for all employees who work on these DWSs. we had set A07 in V_T705b to 400 to solve the problem of DWS1 for day assignment but the system assigns both clock out and clock ins at midnight for personnels in Group2 to previous day too and it cause abscens for the in current day and when I change A07 to 000 employees's time events on Group1 is mixed up (their clock out is assigned to current they not previous day).

note: the time event type we are using is P01.

currently we are changing day assignments manually but it is not a suitable solution and so time consuming.

Thanks for your attentions.