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Dec 13, 2013 at 06:17 AM

WDJ 7.3 - Roadmap UI element Screen Resolution Issue



In one of the WDJ application, we have used Roadmap UI element.

Its has 8 Steps in the Roadmap.

With screen resolution of 1366x768 we can see all the steps together on screen. But when we reduce the screen resolution, few steps are not coming on screen and a link is provided from WDJ framework which navigates us to next missing steps.

We need suggestions for the following:

1. Can we dynamically adjust the size of Roadmap UI steps, so that all the steps are visible even the screen resolution is changed.

2. Can we adjust the spacing between the steps so that it can be fitted in one screen for all the screen resolutions.

3, Or the link provided from WDJ framework for navigating to next steps is the only option we have in case of screen resolution changes as different clients can have different screen resolution on their machine.

Please suggest any other options available or any body else has faced same issue and its resolution.

This help is highly appreciated.


Ujjwal Kumar