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Dec 12, 2013 at 07:09 PM

Remove compound characteristic from Analysis and Webi reports in BW


We're on Business Objects 4.0 SP7 Patch 2 using BW, Bex Queries and BICS connections. Until we installed SP7, reports showed only cost center and not controlling area/cost center. Our controlling area is one number that will never change. Our users would like to see just cost center in their Analysis and Webi reports.

I've looked at this article, but since we don't have universes, it would need to be implemented in all of our webi reports as well as any the users have modified in their favorites.

Is there a way to default the value in BW so that we'd only see Cost Center in Business Objects?

This is posted in the wrong area (Analysis for Office specific instead of general BW), can someone suggest where I should post it? Thank you. Susan