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Dec 12, 2013 at 04:39 PM

COD, HCI integration to On-Premise


Hi all,

I have some questions regarding a Demo environment currently being setup, it contains the following systems:

- Cloud for Customer (C4C);

- SAP CRM 7.0 On-Premise;

- (Requested) HCI Integration system;

The C4C system is already running, now we want to integrate it with SAP CRM OP. HCI is requested with SAP but what is needed to actually utilize it;

- How to access HCI? URL username, password needed?

- Via Eclipse we should be able to access HCI, are we expected to receive an URL and credentials from SAP once HCI is delivered?

- Is Eclipse the only tool to access HCI?

- We have no plans to migrate data, however we would like to be able to synchronize accounts, orders etc. Is it mandatory to have the SAP Data Services Agent running on top of the SAP CRM OP solution?

Currently the following document is saying that SAP Data Services Agent is needed.

But the following document is not relating to SAP Data Services Agent is needed (august) 7. Integration to SAP CRM with HCI, Cloud.

Maybe some of you already achieved the same within a productive or demo environment. Please share your findings and helpfull comments.

The documents made available by SAP are somehow vague in the subject.

Hope someone can help here.

Kind regards,