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Dec 12, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Read Only Access to the Workbench


Anyone out there know if it is possible to grant a user Read Only Access to the Workbench? Meaning they have permission to open the workbench and mii content within, but without the ability to change the content. I was hoping that through some combination of UME actions we could provide this access to various team members to perform different job functions.

I'm not having much luck determining the correct actions to enable this, or whether it is even possible. Below are actions that seemed promising but so far no luck coming up with a combination that meets my needs.

Name Description XMII_Workbench_Import Import to Workbench XMII_Workbench_Query_Editor Read/Write Permission for Templates XMII_Workbench_Transaction_Editor Read/Write Permission for Transactions XMII_Workbench_Export Export From Workbench XMII_Workbench_Transaction_Test Run Permission for Transactions XMII_Workbench_Content Export From Workbench XMII_Workbench_Dyngraphic_Editor Read/Write Permission for Dynamic Graphics XMII_Workbench_all All Editors and the System Info Service XMII_FileSystemBrowser Access to use File System Browser service XMII_FileSystem_R Access to use Scheduler service XMII_Transaction_Read View Permission for Transaction Manager XMII_Read_Only Read Only access to all screens

I would appreciate any insights out there on this topic.