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Dec 12, 2013 at 03:44 PM

CRVS2010 in IE10 & IE11


Hi Team,

I have developed few reports using CRVS2010 and VISUAL STUDIO 2010 and hosted the application in IIS. There is no issues in loading those reports in IE7,IE8 and IE9 but when I load the reports in IE 10, some vertical lines were displayed in the report viewer and no data was visible in the report.

With the help of posts provided, this issue in IE10 was solved.Below is the workaround implemented in Page_Load.

System.Web.HttpBrowserCapabilities vBrowser = Request.Browser;

if (vBrowser.Browser.IndexOf("InternetExplorer") > -1 && vBrowser.MajorVersion > 9)


if (!IsPostBack)



But while loading reports in IE 11, the scroll bars (horizontal and vertical) gets freeze and not movable and even clicking scroll arrow does not work; thereby the remaining content of reports cannot be viewed. The columns at right and rows at bottom are invisible.

Please let me know whether Crystal Report for VISUAL STUDIO 2010 (CRVS2010) supports IE11; If else do I need to do any workaround to over come this issue.

Please advice.


Ashok Kumar A