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Dec 12, 2013 at 11:55 AM

How to create dynamic (Drop Down/Promts) 50+ Column selection in Crystal Reports


Hi team,

I need to create report , the coumn will be displayed in drop down (prompts /static parameter) list and user will select the multiple columns with any order.

Now based on selection i need to display the report .There will be 50+ columns and selection is random.

Failed Cases:

Sr. Case Result 1 Use Parameter Parameter controls the column values, Does not resolve this issue 2 Select Column in drop down list We can display columns as per user request but need to apply conditional suppress for each combination 3 based on the selection of the column name by user from the parameter list of the report Suppress the column using column level suppression on the parameter value. But the problem is that if I select first and third column for display, the report shows blank space for second column

Please suggest any solution... Thanks.