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Dec 12, 2013 at 11:01 AM

interpreting MB51 movements VS stock movements in service order


hi all

I am having some trouble with the interpretation of movements in MB51 and stock movements in a service order.

for example:

movement 102 is the reversal of 101 and 262 is reversal of 261.

but I struggle to understand the negative numbers:

what does it mean if i see the following in MB51:

mvt 261 qtty -1

mvt 262 qtty 1

or mvt 262 qtty -1

I was under the impression that if i do mvt 261 qtty 1 and i want to reverse it, I must use mvt 262 qtty 1

so what does the negative with 261 and/or 262 mean?

also, when i look at mb51 i see the movement with a positive quantity for example, i see the same movement with a negative quantity in the service order stock movement.

can someone explain?