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Dec 12, 2013 at 10:39 AM

WBS status not changed to BUDG after Budgeting..


Hello All,

Here I have a small doubt regarding WBS status.

At the L1 WBS some budget is coming through IM, and as till now i have seen immediately WBS status turns to BUDG & AVAC during budgeting.

But here in this case I cant see the BUDG status as WBS status is only REL, AVAC, So with this status user was trying to create a PR and system throws an error of budget exceeded of full amount of PR value.

I tried to reset the system status to BUDG through OPSX transaction, but coudnt succeed and then I tried to run the CJBN for thr PD and now user can do the PR, But still WBS system status is only REL, AVAC not the BUDG.

Could you guys please throw some light on this issue.

Is it normal behaviour that WBS is not showing the BUDG status.

Thanking you in advance.