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Former Member
Dec 12, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Problem of aggregation


Dear all,

BO Version : XI 4.0

I have a big problem of aggregation in WebI and I don't understand.

To simply, I have 1 dimension DATE and 3 indicators ( type sum ) QTY_1, QTY_2 , AMOUNT

In the request analysis window of WebI, I see the first problem :

1) There is a distinct on all the result of my request and I never ask it. Where can I change it ?

2) Per each date, the request repeats QTY_1 and QTY_2 per AMOUNT. Why not, if it is only for the display of the request select but, in my report, the aggregation sum is totally wrong because :

I need the distinct QTY_1 and QTY_2 and the sum( AMOUNT)

Why do I need to do it ??

In my understanding, for each date, BO have to do the correct aggregation sum by itself !? Else I don't understand the interest to use indicators

Thank you to help me.

Best regards,