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Dec 12, 2013 at 09:10 AM

BO4 - Optimum number of webi processing servers - number of connections exceeded



We had situation where the number of connections was being execeeded.

Had 4 webi processing serevsr (2 on each node) with 50 connections each.

Each has max memory threshold of 9gb ram. Each node 24gb ram in total.

When look on machine generally under 10gb ram being used at any time so considering another webi processing server.

We have upped max number of connections to 70 on each webi porc server and advised users to cleanly logout of system to hopefully free up more sessions and therefore connections.

We also plan to reduce session timeout to 30 minutes and idel connection timeout.

Were higher but being advised no reports taking over 30 minutes

Thoughts and any advice for us optimising number of connections avaiable