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Dec 12, 2013 at 09:13 AM

late completion of PM work order in perventive plan


Dear guru's.

I want to know that in single cycle plan when we add call horizon and the tolerance + and - then our maintenance plan is start our plan date is 15\12\2013.

and call date is 12\12\2013.and our tolerance is + 3 days and -3 days and in that case our maintenance order not completed in between tolerance. In our scenario order are completed in the standard time so my first point is

  1. when the tolerance period is over in User id A2 that show us you can't work on it when somebody open that order User ID A2 message show u can't work or like user exist.
  2. when A2 can't work on it User id A1 work on it then ultimately the time period over from user ID A1 that also the same user exist show to us.

So plz tell me that would happen or not if happen so plz guide me also plz tell me how can i triggering that and by which Z-development i can do it

best regards,

atul sharma