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Jan 16, 2017 at 02:44 PM

Use of Stored Procedure in SPS11 & 12 Onwards



Im little confused about usage of stored procedure from SPS11/12 onwards. Here it goes

i) Though scripted calc views are available but SAP is recommending not to use anymore and have give a migration tool as well to migrate all scripted views to table UDF.

ii) i can not utilize my procedure into graphical calc view. i guess this is because a procedure can have multiple result sets and we can map only 1 resultset to calc view projection or aggregation node. So i have to use table UDF only if i have to pass resultset to graphical view.

iii) A table UDF can not call procedure though vice-versa is possible.

Considering the above could anybody please let me know where and how can we use stored procedure. Of course im missing a big part here but please advise me on this.

Thank you