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Dec 12, 2013 at 05:07 AM

Delete and archive messages in SOLMAN 7.1


Hello Solman Experts,

My requirement is to archive messages created for test purposes in SOLMAN 7.1.

I read the OSS NOTES : 1329247 , 1758090 and 546685.

Please do correct me if am wrong.

Steps of how to proceed :

  1. In the transaction DNOTIFWL, set the deletion flag for the message to be deleted.
  2. Then, run the report Z_DELETE_BASIC_NOTIFICATIONS (In my case 1 notification is deleted).
  3. Then call transaction SARA with CRM_SERORD as archiving objects.

I have tried both :

Initial run Report CRM_ARC_SERORD_CHECK

Write run Report CRM_ARC_SERORD_SAVE


and this

This run (job) executes the report "CRM_ARC_SRQM_INCIDENT_CHECK". This report provides you with a log that shows which documents (Incidents) can be archived and which not.

This run (job) executes the report "CRM_ARC_SRQM_INCIDENT_SAVE" which saves the documents (incidents) into the archive.

This run (job) executes the report "CRM_ARC_SRQM_INCIDENT_DELETE" which deletes the documents (incidents) from the system.

But in vain. The message is still accessible via the transactions SOLMAN_WORKCENTER and CRM_DNO_MONITOR. I am really stuck in the steps for the transaction SARA.

Thanks in advance for guiding me in the steps to follow to solve this problem.