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Dec 12, 2013 at 04:25 AM

Refresh problem with mulitple layouts in input form


Hi Friends,

Developed one input form(single worksheet), which consists of both opex model and capex model members(i.e. 2 connections)

I entered data in both layouts and saved it. Here no axis sharing.

Rows members are activities(Opex & capex) and columns members are time period(Jan 2014). WBS is user selection.

Based on user selection (wbs), both layouts data should be refreshed upon refresh option (default is "Refresh worksheet data").

Single time user selects(wbs), it updates both page axes(2 layouts) - WBS member.

Here when clicking refresh, it's refreshing only one layout where i kept cursor,but not second layout. If click again refresh, it updates second layout correcly eventhough my cursor is at first layout. Why this strange behaviour? How can i get refresh of both layouts in single refresh ?

while axes sharing (page axis & time ) and refreshing getting some exception errors. Configuration is BPC 10 NW SP15.