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Dec 12, 2013 at 03:01 AM

Multiprovider Design



I have below 2 infocubes

1. ZGL01 which contains characters ---> comp code, calquarter, GL Account

Key figures ---> Balance

2.ZGL02 which contains characters-->comp code, Calquarter, Doc type, GL Account

Key figures---> Debit, Credit

Now I created a multiprovider with those 2 infocubes like below.

Dimensions Comp code ( Assigned this to both infocubes)

cal quarter (Assigned this to both infocubes)

Key figures Debit amt ( Assigned to ZCGL02)

Credit amt ( Assigned to ZCGL02)

Balance Assigned to ZCGL01)

Now I have to created a Bex Query on that multiprovider like below.

Compcode Calquarter Keyfigure1 Keyfigure2 Keyfigure3


GL account( Equal to 111889)

Doc Type(exclude SA)

Debit amt

Key figure2

GL account ( Equal to 111889)

Doc Type (Exclude SA)

credit amt

Key Figure3

GL Account( Equal to 116600)


But when i run the query i am getting the same value for key figure1 and key figure2. I am not sure is there anything wrong with the query or multiprovider.

can anyone just tell me did i miss anything ?