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Dec 12, 2013 at 12:36 AM

New(er) Call Transaction for SU01 not working in background


We have a function module that wraps a CALL to TRANSACTION SU01 to create users.

The fm is called by a program that runs in a batch job and creates users from a provided input file.

This code has been running for many years.

Prior to our upgrade to 731, our BDCDATA was based off DYNPRO 'SAPLSUU5' '0050'.
The new stuff is driven through, SAPLSUID_MAINTENANCE.

We RErecorded the BDC calls and updated the FM. The FM runs fine in foreground.

But when its run in background mode, it dumps.

We’ve tried various different recordings, eached tweak in a different way, but they all seem to dump in one way or another based on CNTL_ERRORs - From container visibility to the last version dealing with CL_GUI_DOCKING_CONTAINER .

So, how do I get this to run in background ?

So, I’m wondering, if anyone know what we can do or what’s going on?

This was a rude awakening, and we’ll probably change this established technique anyway, but we’d like to just fix the BDC for now. Any ideas will be extremely helpful.